“Kanro Shoyu” Soy Sauce – A double-brewed Japanese soy sauce

Kanro Shoyu Soy Sauce

I love soy sauce. I’m also a bit of a salt addict so it comes naturally to me. I love it on rice, meats, in marinades, and on vegetables.

I grew up on Kikkoman low-salt soy sauce. It’s a pretty standard grocery store condiment available just about anywhere in the USA in bountiful quantities. As I grew older and I wanted more flavor I went to the full salt version and it was good.

Then I was in a Chinese restaurant having a beef & broccoli dish and on the table they only offered La Choy soy sauce. Another very common fare in the local grocery stores. I could literally taste the difference. Kikkoman was dead, long live La Choy. And La Choy has been the staple soy sauce in the house ever since.

Or at least until now.

We strive for unique or at least interesting condiments here and I wanted to find something that isn’t stocked on the local shelves. So I searched, learned more about soy sauces than any non-maker of soy sauce should ever know, and eventually I found Kanro Shoyu and decided to give it a shot.

I ordered, I received, and I tasted.

Well, that was the end of the off-the-shelf soy sauce debate. Kikkoman dead. La Choy dead. Kanro Shoyu is the new king of soy sauces in my house. It is bold, it has great flavor, it tastes like what you always wanted a soy sauce to taste like.

Next time you marinade, or are having a rice & meat dish that would normally enjoy a bit of the soy sauce, try Kanro Shoyu. It is a masterpiece of a condiment.