Joining the club

Step 1:

Most people don’t know how to mail anything. This is not an email club. You must show that you are able to participate in traditional mailing.

To begin, you MUST send a membership application to the following address:

Jonathan Schlegel
1589 Austin Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43220

Step 2:

If accepted (the Club president reserves the right to deny anyone for any reason), then you will receive a mailing with the current membership package. This will include the latest membership list and a USB drive with a Word document that has prototypes of all the forms you will need to copy and send when you send out your first condiment to the club.

A similar copy of this mailing will go out to the rest of the club notifying them that you are a new member and you are going to be inserted as the next condiment provider for the next month. Sometimes, because of the asynchronous nature of this club, this will lead to two condiments being sent in the same month by different people. That is okay.

Step 3:

You must purchase a number of bottles, jars, or whatever of your initial offering to meet the current club membership needs.

You send out the condiment to each and every club member. Including all the other documentation including the most important “Statement of the Condiment.”

Then you receive amazing condiments every month until your turn comes around again.

The fewer members in the club, the more often your turn comes around but the cheaper your turn is. Conversely, a larger club will cost more each time your turn comes around, but you might not have to participate more often than perhaps once or twice a decade.