Blackthorn Salt

Salt is probably the greatest condiment. It is universal, and a better poet or writer might tell you what wars were fought over salt or what wars were ended using salt.

Salt is almost a necessity for meats, breads, and in our household, vegetables.

THIS salt is a necessity if you love condiments. You already have kosher salt in your cabinet. You already have table salt available in a grinder.

You probably do NOT have flaky salt with a back story to entertain your guests and this is the salt you should entertain them with.

Now all salt, if it’s salt, is the same. The only difference is the texture and appearance. So don’t use this salt when it’s going to be whisked into an egg wash.

This salt is extremely flaky with big wide flakes that are perfect for appearance-dressing a meat, or vegetables, or homemade pretzels.

In any case, those wide flakes will sit on your tongue and give you that flavor that you’re looking for and you can’t get that from kosher salt.